SFU English 380: Mutilation and Foreign Relations in the Japanese Novel

A class blog for students of English 380 - "Literature in Translation" - at Simon Fraser University in Autumn 2005.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More on Wiki Dangers

Contra the use of Wikipedia for scholarly research, read this NYT article on "Rewriting History: Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar."

Friday, December 02, 2005

Course Reflection

Now that the lecture series is over you are occupied writing your term papers: these will reflect your engagement with the ideas that the texts and the lectures have introduced you, and hopefully been an intellectual benefit, to.

Because you have compleated your course evaluations, I am free to say how much I have enjoyed this term: I honestly looked forward to every class and I'm sure I will remember all your contributions for many, many years.

I hope to teach this course again, and so I would love to know how I can improve. If you have opinions in that regard which you could not give full enough expression to on the evaluation forms, please take a moment or two, once your papers are compleated, to remember us and return here and add your analysis, suggestions, complaints, &c (anonymously, of course), to this post.

Again, my sincere thanks: I hope you all stay in touch:
Mina-san, Sayonara - anata-tachi wa totemo subarashii desu. Arigato gozaimasita!"

Group Blog Project

I've now taken an electronic snapshot of each of your group blogs. Please keep them running: I will be analying the live version and checking your links, reading your profiles, &c. You are welcome to keep posting past the due date -- to keep in contact, add interesting items, etc.

Can you believe I get paid for this?